How to Let Your Professor Know That You Are a Hard Working Student

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Many times we work hard for a class and yet end up with a bad grade. This is a matter of favoritism that many professors follow without being aware of it. Much of it, however, works this way because they don’t know us personally and thus they have to rely on the impressions we give in to them. Interestingly, we can actually manipulate this impression and appear hard working. To know how to do this, follow the steps:

Step 1. Wear casual clothing that do not look fashionable. Polo shirt, sweatshirt and outdates jeans are all examples of this. Apparently, some professors believe students who do not have interest in fashion are better at studies.

Step 2. Always take the front row seat. This will allow you to get noticed by the professor.

Step 3. Take notes from his lecture. This will please him since he will know that you value what he is saying.

Step 4. Participate in the class by answering professors’ questions. This is scary, but the courage in speaking can help you look smarter.

Step 5. After the lecture, stay in the class to ask him additional questions about the current chapter he covered. If needed leave the class with him while doing all kinds of other talks with him. This will allow you to share a friendship with him.

Step 6. Email the professor or meet him during office hours anytime you are in doubt about a certain material you are studying.

Step 7.Try to never miss a class. This is the most useful thing you can do. This does not only say that you are a hard working student, but also that you are serious about the course. Additionally, many professors give extra credit points to students who come to every class. You can just be one of them.


Resist the temptation to disagree with your professor. You do not want to get them made at you.

To participate in the class, read the assigned chapter in advance.


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