How to train new dogs

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A dog is like a kid. They get use to things eventually. It will take time. I used to have three dogs and I saw that they learn things over time. It takes awhile but they will eventually learn who you are and what you expect out of them. They’re fast learner too. My dogs adjust after the first week. They begin to learn about me and their new home. A dog is like a human being, they will need time to get adjusted to emotional issue. They will need time to get adjusted to their home. It won’t be right away. When you first get them, you can give them sometimes before they can get adjusted to their new life. Training shouldn’t be force on them right away. If you’re going to train them, you should give them a week or two before they get to know the routine. They’re similar to kids and it will take them sometimes.

Show them

If you want to train them where to do toileting, you can show them where they want to go toileting. You can walk them there and then let them do it a couple of times. Each time that they do it, you can say good boy. Praise them until they learn that they are supposed to toilet at those places. Once you let them do it for a month or so they will know where to do toileting.

Give praises

Dogs are like kids. They like it when you give them compliments. They will feel proud after they learn that they have done it right. Each time that they do something right, you can praise them and say that they did a good job. You can tell them good boy or good girl and they will remember it.

Give them time

Dogs will need time to learn new tricks. Give them at least a month before they get adjusted to your new home. They learn pretty quickly. Avoid spanking or yelling at them. They will learn it and they will avoid you.


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