How to lower blood sugar

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Blood sugar is a problem if you have diabetes. High blood sugar is not desirable either. You should always try to lower your blood sugar whenever possible. Blood sugar that is too high can send you into ketoacidosis. You can end up in an emergency if it’s too high. If it’s higher than the normal value then you might want to take medication or get to the doctor. If you are a diabetic, you should always be around family member or people so that they can get you help when you are sick.

How do you lower your blood sugar? In order to lower your blood sugar, you will need to exercise daily. Just as little as thirty minutes per day will lower your blood sugar. If you walk or run for half an hour a day, you will see your sugar level drop. This is the fastest way to lower your blood glucose level. When you exercise, your body is lowering blood glucose by using it up. This is more effective than even medication but you need medication daily too.

Another way to lower your blood glucose level is to reduce your sugar intake daily. Each day, you can make it a goal to avoid sugar. Sugar is not good for your health. You can replace sugar with other things. Nothing will lower your blood glucose than exercising. Once you exercise,  your blood glucose will be dropped. Diabetes can be controlled if you try to control it daily. Diabetes is life threatening if you let it go on without implementing control measure.


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