How to get started with acting

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Acting is a lucrative profession. You can start acting at any age. The good thing about the industry is that you can start acting at any age. You don’t have to be at any certain age, weight, size or looks. They take anyone. They’re always looking for different age, looks, and sizes. You can give it a shot and see where you can go with it. The great thing about acting is that you don’t need a lot of education like most other career. You have to have something on your resume but you don’t necessarily have to have a BS. You can start acting without a college degree or a High School diploma. You can start acting at any time.

You will need a few things in order to get with the film program. You will need your headshots, resume, and sag card together. You will need your headshots because it’s the film industry. They want to see how you will look like. You will need your resume because they want to see how much experience you have. They will need your sag card if you want to get union pay. Sag stands for screen actor’s guild and it’s a union for actor. You will get pay according to your union or non union status. You get more pay if you’re a union.

You will also need to get an agent. After you get an agent, you can start working. Your agent will get you work. You will need an agent because you might not be able to get work all by yourself. When you’re out there working, you will need the entire backup from your agent. They will represent you and they will take care of a lot of deal for you. You will get more work if you have an agent. You won’t get that much work if you don’t have an agent. If you have an agent, they will book you more. They also get a percentage of your pay if you do land the job. Acting is a fun career. It does come with some pressure too. If you’re a girl, there is a lot of pressure on you. You have to look good but also have to put up with a lot of men on the set. The film crew is nothing but men. They will be looking and it’s hard to just be comfortable all the time. You will have men luring and harassing you. It’s the nature of the industry. You should keep things to yourself because most of those men can’t do anything for you. They can’t get you work and they’re just bluffing. The only people who can get you work are the directors and the producers.


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