How to get out of an abusive relationship

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There are many of us that will run into abusive relationship. We think that we will be happy but it’s not so after awhile. I’ve read too many stories to know that this is the reality for some women out there. They end up on the street because they left their relationship. There are women who slept on the street and eating food from the trash can. I’ve read those stories. It’s not uncommon at all. This is the reality for some of us women. If you’re going to get into a relationship, it’s important that you scan your man for safety. They are different when you live with them so you should scan for potential problems. They will say one thing and then do one thing.

Men are not all that great sometimes. I’ve been in a lot of abusive relationship myself and I know that men can say one thing and do another thing. They’re good at acting. They can present themselves nicely but when they’re at home alone with you they could be completely different. I used to know a person who was perfect in public but when they’re at home, they would be the complete opposite. They were abusive in every single way that you can imagine. They were nice to other people but not to you. You never know until you start living with them. Its best you get to know their family before you date them. The people that would know all of their problems are their family or the people that live with them.

Plan to leave

If you are in an abusive relationship, you should plan to leave and don’t turn back. There are some people who will stay and think that they can change the relationship but it’s not going to happen. You can’t change people who have mental problems. Usually people who are abusive have mental problems. If you’re not a professional, it will be hard for you to try to convert them. The more you try to convert them the more they will want to fight back. I’ve been through those situations and I know that the best thing to do is leave. One you leave, you will have your peace. I was so miserable in my abusive relationship and after I left I was really happy. No more headaches and abuse. It can be done. There should be no excuse for domestic violence. People will do it if you allow them too. It’s time to step back and say no more.

Get help

If you can’t do it alone, it’s time to get some help. You can all up the police or call up your family members and get some help. It’s not ok to go through it alone. It’s important to always have friends so you can call them up for help.

Have money and a car

If you want to leave, you will need money and a car. If you have money and a car you will be able to escape better. You can just leave. If you don’t have it you can’t leave. Save up your money and then leave. If you don’t have a car, you can buy a cheap car or rent one.

Pack up your things

When you’re ready to leave, pack up things that are important to you like paper works and documents and then leave. If you’re not ready, you can’t leave when he’s out of the house. Get things ready and hide them and then leave when it’s time to leave.

Call 911

If he threatens you, you can call 911 for help. If you keep on hearing it, you can call 911 and have them come over and help escort you out. It’s important to get help if they threaten you.

Leave quietly

If you’re planning to leave, you should leave quietly. You shouldn’t tell them that you’re leaving either. If you tell them that you’re leaving, you might not be able to leave.

Don’t go back

If you’re tempted to go back, you should know that he might strike again. It’s not smart to go back after you leave. If you’re going to leave, you should leave and don’t ever come back.


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