Leisure Time

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People say that all work, no play makes John a dull boy. This wisdom has been proven true even up to now. It is good to rest once in a while and participates in activities that would help us have a well-rounded personality. In some cases, the word “boring days” was discovered because of inability to make use of leisure time in the most appropriate way. Besides, it is best to share quality time with family members regularly. The best way to do so is to play together, watch movies as a family, and even exercise together.

All people do something while they are not working or sleeping. People socialize, exercise, read, knit, cook, garden, watch movies, hike, ski, shopping, attend piano lessons, and also participate in church choir. Always, these leisure activities, which used to be called hobbies, represent a pleasurable time spent exercising talents which we have in insufficient supply to merit full-time attention, but which nonetheless provide us with considerable satisfaction. It is a mistake to give them up. Some people were even given opportunities to earn money because of developing their talents or their hobbies.

It can be nice and soothing after a frustrating workday to pound on the piano. Some more organized leisure activities, like theater groups, are useful in keeping us in touch with people and subcultures we might otherwise ignore. In fact, many marriages result from a discovered mutual enjoyment in some sport or cultural activities. Hence, girls must not ignore these sources of pleasure and relaxation.


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