How to start building a website

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How do you start building a website? If you’re new with technology, you would have an easier time purchasing an already made website than a website that you have to build from the beginning. You can purchase a theme that has been build already and there are many themes out there. You just need to pay for hosting and then the domain name which is about $2 a year which is very inexpensive. For $2 a year, you can build your own website and just buy the domain or buy the domain with the hosting plan.

Buy a hosting plan

You can choose to buy a website from places like Drupal, Godaddy. They have all sorts of plan and they are very low in price too.  For under $20 a month, you can have a website running in a day. All it takes is a day for you to have your new website. If you want a complicated website, you will have to build it yourself or hire a developer but if you just have a business profile or personal profile than a plan from Godaddy would do. They have small page for $5 hosting plan per month or unlimited page for $15 a month. When you’re not writing much, you can have the smaller website for $5 a month. If you will be having many text and images, you will need an unlimited plan. With the unlimited plan, you will be able to do anything that you wanted with your website. You can write as much as you want or post as much video or images as you want. This plan is ideal for a business owner or those who wants to promote as much as they can on the internet.

You would need a credit card

All you need is a credit card or ATM card and you can purchase it at Godaddy website. The site will be available for use once you activate it. It can be as quick as two hours. You can have it up and running which is fast.

Building from scratch

You can also build your own website from scratch if you know how to use HTML. You will need to know html code. You will also need to build them manually and save them on your folder in words. This is called your ftp files. You can upload your ftp files with a host and then have it up and running. You can begin your new website within a day too. It’s not difficult if you’re html savvy. This is not recommending for those that don’t know html. If you don’t know html, the best way to get a website for yourself is to grab one from Go daddy and you’re set.

Start designing

After you have it up and running, you can design it. You can design it however that you like. You can also put in new html or xml codes to make your site better. All will be up to you as long as you pay your hosting plan each month.


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