A Short Mile

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He stares at four walls around him,

Soon he pays for his wrong;

Bread and water sustains him-

Summing up his life in one sad song.

He needs to tell no one of his dilemma;

They probably all heard it on the News;

What he has taken from another man,

He sees those before him standing in cues.

They tried him for killing vermin;

He cannot deny this to any soul.

He stood bravely as his sentence was read-

And the Judge he played, his ludicrous role.

And so he sits alone in his lonesome room-

Pondering on Justice, its virtues, its vice;

And the termination of his life:

Had he really rolled seven, when playing dice.

His motto for life was “eye for an eye”,

And he wanted the life of the killer they hired.

It seems that this is exactly what happened,

“But was it justified?” they inquired.

In his life was he used and abused,

Was he just a pawn in someone’s game,

Was there a reason for his actions,

But to a hot seat, it’s all just the same.

The door to eternity awaits him, one mile;

In the mirror is shown his life, wasted-

Only once, did he show his hand,

And now the outcome is bitterly tasted.

He walks the last mile, head held high;

A short mile with moody blues in his head.

A bell tolls for justice at high noon,

The prisoner slumps in his chair, he is dead…


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