How to lose weight with calories counting

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Counting calories will help you lose weight. There are some of us that don’t count calories. We rarely know how much we put in our body. There are some of us that eat around 4000 calories per day which is double our intake requirement. My brother used to eat a lot and he rarely ever counts calories. He tries to lose weight by running but he doesn’t run enough to burn all of the calories that he ingested. If you run half an hour but eats 4000 calories per day it isn’t going to help. You have to lower your caloric intake in order to lose weight. It’s like an equal equation. One side has to equal the other side or less in order for you to lose weight. If you take in more than what you put out you will have a hard time losing weight.

This is why you have to have a calories journal so that you can keep track of your daily caloric requirement. You can write down all the calories that you eat from morning to evening and see if you go under or over the calories required. This is the best way to keep your caloric requirement. You should try to keep your caloric intake daily so that you can assess your eating pattern. Once you go over your limit, you can lower it to lose weight. If you eat over your requirement, you will gain weight if you don’t work out. The more you exercise the more you can eat. When you exercise, you will burn all of the calories that you ingest. It’s important to burn calories and exercise on a daily basis in order to maintain weight.

If you decrease your caloric intake daily, you will lose weight. Each day, you can decrease your caloric intake by 100 and you will do well if you continue at that rate. The more you eat the more you will gain weight so it does matter. Some people eat close to 4000 calories a day and they don’t exercise. How will you lose weight if you don’t exercise? You have to combine calories restriction with exercising. This is the best way to begin losing weight. If you haven’t been counting calories, now is the time to see how much calories you have been taking in and adjust accordingly.


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