The pros and cons of Fast Food

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The Pros that I can think of being:

Pros: Cravings. When you want junk food, you want junk food! Bring on the salt, the calories, the decadence, and sometimes you should just give in to the temptation so that your brain can say been there, done that. There are certain times when I get a craving for a certain brand of burger or chicken, and I have even been known to get up and drive through the drive through in the middle of the night.

Pros: Price. The value menu can be a great deal when you are on a very tight budget. And now most fast food places have one type of salad and dessert, etc. it’s not just a few boring burgers.

Pros: Speed. The drive through is a massive time saver, but even when you eat inside the place, the food comes fast and you don’t have to wait for the wait staff to chit chat about the specials and pour your water and go over the menu, etc.

Pros: Locations. No matter what city you are in, you know that there is usually one of your favorite fast food places there. And if you are road tripping it is like an oasis in the desert. 

The Cons that I can think of being:

Cons: Price. There are times when it can be more expensive going to some fast food places than just going to a sit down restaurant and eating with real dishes and utensils. There are times when I want something different than just a #3 bargain burger meal deal and as soon as you change it will cost you!

Cons: Freshness. Not always the freshest of fresh, there are times when I have gotten an overheated, well, something, tasting more like cardboard than food.

Cons: Drive Through. You don’t always get what you ordered and sometimes you don’t get anything that you ordered.

Cons: Lines. At times when everyone (and usually this involves a bus load of people or children) is going to lunch at the same time; it can take longer either inside or driving through at a fast food place than a full service restaurant. 

Fast food is here to stay and I think we all have our favorite cravings and vices! The fast food chains keep making it through good and bad economies. They have come up with and have added some healthier alternatives to the usual junk food items that pepper their famous menus and that is great when you don’t have a lot of time to run around.


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