Sample Oral of Everafter Review for High School

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       Hello Movie-buffs and lovers…

·        The film, “Everafter” is a retelling of the classic Cinderella fable, has a sweet, innocent 8-year-old girl who loves her father dearly. She is turned into a servant for her stepmother, after her father passes away unexpectedly. After 10 years of waiting on her demanding stepmother and her stepsisters, the girl is wooed by the bachelor prince, who believes her to be a courtier, and falls for her ability to say what is on her mind, and her lack of manipulative tactics.

·        Ever After stars Drew Barrymore as Danielle De Barbarac, Angelica Huston as Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent, Judy Parfitt as Queen Marie and Dougray Scott as Prince Henry. Its the story of Cinderella with a twist, and it is a great watch.

·        It begins with a story teller being summoned by Queen Marie. She has requested the audience to set the record straight on a story about some ‘little Cinder’ girl. It seems that as good as the story is, the details are somewhat errant. The Queen starts her correction with, “Once upon a time . . .

·        Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent marries Danielle’s father and moves into their estate with her two young daughters who are about the same age as Danielle. Within days Danielle’s father dies; and as the years pass the baroness and her two daughters begin to treat Danielle as their servant girl rather than the true ruler of the manor. And although Danielle knows her heritage, for some reason, she accepts their abuse.  Despite the twist in the telling, the story of the ‘little Cinder girl’ ends well for Danielle  just as the story of Cinderella you already know.

·        Ever After sets itself firmly in real history (the 16th Century) beginning with an audience between the Brothers Grimm and the “Grande Dame” (Jeanne Moreau) [Queen of France], who has called the boys in to set their story straight. There’s a glass slipper, a stepmother and two stepsisters, but that’s about all that remains of the tale. In the movie telling, there is a substantial courtship between Danielle (Barrymore) and the Prince (Dougray Scott), with the plot turning on a secret identity scenario.


·        The story is an interesting, well-told, and beautifully photographed version of the classic tale, and features many new, fun twists, as well as solid performances by the entire cast, especially Drew Barrymore in the lead role of Danielle. This movie is sure to strike a chord with girls around the world, who might be able to identify with the lead character’s conviction, truth and love. They might also appreciate the whole “white knight in shining armor” scenario, with the higher-brow prince falling for the lower-brow servant. Anjelica Huston plays another wicked character flawlessly, as this film actually allows her character to show some humanity, as well as one of the stepsisters, who is essentially, very understanding to Cinderella’s plight. Having said that, the movie didn’t blow my mind, was quite predictable considering its source material, and did have a weak link in the prince character, who didn’t quite bowl me over. All in all, this film will be appreciated much more by girls, but entertaining enough for all, with great cinematography, a solid lead, and an interesting and timely story line.

·        Carl Snoop reporting for POPCORN Movie Watch…


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