Food you can eat as a diabetics

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Life is not easy being a diabetic but there are measures to help you get by without too much problem. Diabetes is a disease that can prevent you from eating all the food that you want and especially around the holiday. When it’s holiday time, you have to hide from the parties. Well, this holiday, you can learn how to manage your eating habit and still be able to party with everyone else.

Food to eat

Food to eat include non- sugary food. Sugary food is something that all diabetics should avoid. You can’t eat sugary food because they make you gain weight. You should not be eating sugary food if you want to lose weight. Losing weight can help control the cholesterol factor in your illness.

What can you eat?

Non-sugary food like proteins, fish, chicken, white meat, red meat, light vegetables, whole grain, and food without too much sugar.

What you should avoid

You should avoid all sugary food. Sugary food will increase your sugar level, making you more prone to your glucose level. This means you should stay away from sugar, candy, junk food, cakes, ice cream, shakes, coffee, and any thing that is sweet. Yes, you can’t eat sweet.

Make a list

Have a journal and dedicated it to your diabetes food list. On your journal, write all the things down that you can eat and that you can’t eat. Keep them near you and bring it around so you will know what you can’t eat.

Check your glucose level daily

You should check your glucose level daily and see if you have a high sugar level. You should bring your gluco-meter with you everywhere you go and then check to see if your glucose level is high or low. If it’s high, you can take medication to lower it.

Report it to your doctor

If you find that your level is too high, get to the doctor right away. It can be fatal if you don’t get to the emergency room. You can go into keto-acidosis.


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