How to take care of your feet if you have diabetes

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If you have diabetes, you will need to care for your feet daily. If you don’t pay attention to it, it will become worse. Diabetics usually encounter feet and hands problems due to poor circulation. In order to prevent problems, you will need to exercise and check for sensation daily. You might have sensation problems over time if your disease has progressed far.

Sensation is when you can feel your feet and hands and you might lose it over time if you are far in your disease. This is why a lot of diabetics lose their feet and hands sensation because they have progressed far in their disease. What you can do is to feel for sensation daily. Take your hands and place them on your feet and hands and feel for sensation. If you can still feel for them then you’re alright but if you are losing sensation then it’s time to get to the doctor for help.

Exercising daily will also help you with blood circulation and maintaining your sensation. When you exercise the blood flow will be better and nerves will connect better. Thirty minutes or an hour a day will really help you get better. You can walk or swim if your feet hurts. You should always do light impact exercise since strong impact can cause your feet to hurt if your feet hurt.

Each day you should check your glucose level and make sure that they are normal. If they’re not normal, you should take medication so it can be lowered. When you have diabetes, it’s best to avoid sugar at all cost and don’t eat sweets. Eat healthy, white meat and stay away from carbohydrates because they contain a lot of sugar.


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