Finding Alternatives To Leaving Your Pet in a Kennel.

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Sometimes it can prove difficult and quite expensive to place pets in a kennel while traveling.  In addition, some people don’t feel right about leaving their beloved pets with strangers while they are on the road.  There are some simple and inexpensive solutions to this problem.

 If you own cats or dogs you can still travel without having to worry about your pet while vacationing.  First, try to get a close family member or neighbor to tend to your pets during your absence.  If you own cats, you could have someone stop by your home every other day to change the water and make sure the cats have enough food in their bowl.  The litter box can wait to be changed until you get home. If the cats are accustomed to going outdoors, you can have the pet sitter let them out in the morning and make sure they are secure inside in the early evening. 

 Dogs require a bit more care and it would be wise to have a family member or friend stay with the dogs at least an hour or so in the morning and an hour or so at night.  If the person is willing to stay all night that is even better.  Some dogs will act up in the absence of their master.  Dogs have been known to destroy furniture, go the bathroom in doors and become involve din other mischief while the owner is away. 

 Cats seem to be more manageable in the absence of their owner.  Generally, if cats have enough food, and water, they will be content for much longer periods in comparison with a dog.  Dogs have to be fed, brushed and they need to be taken for walks during the day.  Cats on the other hand are very independent and don’t require as much care as a dog.

 Yes, getting a pet sitter will cost you some money but it will cost you far less than a kennel or a professional pet sitting service.  In addition, you will be more at ease knowing that the pet is in the care of someone you know.  Frankly, I have tried kennels and pet sitting services, I have found them quite expensive and I was dissatisfied with the quality of care that my beloved pets received. 

 Finally, you should make your pet sitting plans at least a week or so in advance.  Make sure you leave enough food, toys and any emergency numbers that the sitter may need.  It would help if you would check in with the sitter every other day or so.  Personally, I have had relatives stay at my home to tend to my cats and dog when I am traveling and it has worked out beautifully.


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