Just Quick Dark Soothing Silence

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In the begining there was silence~ the deep dark pitch of silence that only a new begining can
bring~The waves of chaos had ended~ and  the wide mouth of Pandoras box finally clasped shut~ tears trickled down dredges, where once lives clung to poverty and waste. And silence, pure and dark silence embraced the stagnant air, no more motion, no more fear, no hating, no judging, no escaping.

Just Quick dark soothing silence~The purest of all energies takes hold~ A funeral of doubt  with no mourners for now truth need not be told, as simple as the earth shakes and bodies tremble so the soul knows truth when truth speaks it’s lipless parables. Paralyzed by the knowledge within, yet not at all in fear~ time now stands still, eyes look upward, hands reach to the skys, the purest most cleansing rain falls down to wash the blood that shed, from you, to me, to them.  No more lies, forbidden secrets, pain, jelousy, were all the same in this everlasting rainbow~

nothing is hidden~ all that hides goes below, all that hates has no hold, what was is no more, and never really was before. What is has  a name, a price,  A love deeper than I could possibly comprehend, and in our searchings come close to find. we have no wisdom, searching in vain in this ground we shamfully desecrate, we have not a tie higher than another, we are but a price and more deeper than twisting willow roots thirsty for water. Though not alone, these skys golden brown haze lightning the eyes of love always watching, wating for us to come home. This is were we grow. Impatience lost hastiness let go, all hoplessness has washed away down into the drenches where once povery and excess took hold.

Open your heart~

This new beginging will now unfold~

This came out of me for I have a fountain given to me to share to others~ As I write I pour out all that is given to interpreted as is.

Thank you for reading my works. This is original off the cuff.


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