Dusk to Dawn/Bayou Moon

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Dusk to Dawn

I dream of the tall oaks that spill the darkness of shadows down.

The winds blow a tune of a lonesome bayou sound.

The cry of the owl moves about in the night.

The fog is thick under moonlight.

As the full red moon is slowly displaced, I watch the darkness of the night fade away.

 A beam of sunlight touches my face.

The dew still stands on the old oak leaves.

A spider’s web in the sunlight gleems.

From dusk to dawn I watch time pass,

a new day born,

as the sun sets fast.

The creek runs infinate among the silhouette of the tall pines,

set against the baby blue sky.

In all of nature’s beauty, from dusk to dawn, I will not forget,

the still quietness in the wilderness.

Bayou Moon

It’s a good morning in the bayou,

as a breathtaking view of dawn’s light breaking out.

Beaming rays of sun spilling all about.

The morning fog is gone,

and darkness washed away.

A spider spins a web of silver gleeming on display.

A mockingbird sings a bayou tune.

The rustle from the trees reveals a raccoon.

Under the pines a snake shed it’s skin.

Wild ducks soar above in the bayou wind.

It’s a good night in the bayou,

as a breathtaking view of moonlight shining down.

A mole is tucked away in it’s mound.

I hear a busy beaver construction sound.

Shotguns crack the stillness and set birds in flight.

Boats drop their nets by moonlight.

Crickets chirping notes of song.

Alligators creeping along.

Silkworms spin silk into a cocoon.

High above shines the big bayou moon.


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