Survive Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Having your wisdom teeth removed can be quite distressing to say the least, but there are tricks to make the whole process a LOT more tolerable. 

  1. Take the prescribed painkiller BEFORE your numbness wears off.  Believe me, this one thing can be the most effective way to keep from feeling the “Put me out of my misery” pain.  Getting the pill down with a numb tongue is tricky, but well worth the effort.
  2. Have help.  You’re going to need someone who can fix your meals (pitiful as they may be), and remind you to take your medicine if you find yourself drowsy.
  3. Speaking of meals, go ahead and stock up on easy to eat foods, like broths, and jello beforehand. 
  4. Ice, ice, ice the swelling.  I prefer frozen peas, they just work well in molding to the curve of the jaw.  But don’t put it directly on the skin, use a thin towel and follow your surgeons orders for frequency and duration of use.
  5. Moist heat.  Dealing with the soreness and stiffness of the jaw is also a bother.  I found that a washcloth dipped in medium hot water(not scorching) worked wonders. 
  6. Sleep elevated.  It’s so much more comfortable.  I liked the recliner more than the bed with extra pillows, it seems even the pillows can cause painful pressure on the jaws.
  7. Use the mouth rinse provided, or a solution of saltwater as directed.  Usually it’s 3 to 4 times daily after any meal, and before bed.  Trust me, you don’t want to have an infection to hinder recovery, just do the rinses.
  8. Don’t smoke!  The sucking motion will dislodge the protective clots and cause a painful condition called dry socket.  It isn’t worth it.  That also goes for sucking through a straw and spitting, both no-no’s during the healing process.
  9. Finally, use your syringe to keep food out of the holes, every time you eat.  You definitely don’t want food to get sealed up under the gums, unless you enjoy having them cut open and irrigated.  Some people are gluttons for punishment.

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