How to Sport Your Ugg Boots

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  1. Buy some Uggs. If you are buying your first few pairs start with the basic blacks, browns and tans and add more colors from there. There are also a variety of boot heights to choose from as well as styles (with and without laces).
  2. Wear your Uggs only in cold weather. It is never okay to wear them with shorts, bathing suits, or bare-legged with skirts or dresses. Your wool lined Uggs are meant for the coldest of weather. Wearing them in warm weather is never okay. Never, ever, ever.
  3. Pair your Uggs with jeans (skinny or standard), casual pants, stretch pants or skirts and dresses as long as you are wearing tights that are NOT see through. Choose an opaque tight. When wearing jeans of the non-skinny variety you can tuck or roll. I prefer the tuck as it looks neater and is more comfy, plus it helps to keep you warmer.

Uggs also come in a number of brands.  Some people might argue that the Ugg brand is the best, but I think you can find a number of fashionable boots by different makers.  These boots are “ugly” afterall, so who cares what the brand is, if the overall style is the same?  I say save yourself a few bucks on boots and put it to a new pair of jeans to pair with your boots.

For tips on how to wear your Ugg Boots, check out pictures of your favorite celebs and how they are sporting their Uggs.  People magazine and their website is a great place to watch trends in fashion.

Although already mentioned, it’s worth repeating, DO NOT WEAR UGGS IN THE SUMMER.  You’ll look ridiculous.


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