How to Get Notified of Recalled Products

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Ignorance can cause you or your loved ones harm or even death. Each year there are literally millions of items that are recalled because they have the potential to or already have caused injury or death. There are recalls on a variety of items including toys, food, appliances, household items and recreational equipment. How can anyone keep track of all these different recalls? Is there anything consumers can do to protect themselves? Absolutely!

First, whenever possible register your product with the manufacturer. Always complete and return the product registration card that came with your item. This way, in the event of a recall, the manufacturer can notify you directly.

Secondly, you can sign up directly with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to be notified of recalls. The CPSC can notify you of any type of recall, or you can select to be notified of specific types of recalls by selecting one or more of the following: children’s products, home goods, sports or recreation equipment, or specialty items. You can subscribe, or unsubscribe, at any time by visiting, and the service is free. If you do own an item that has been recalled, the CPSC will provide you with details on how to return your faulty product and obtain a replacement or refund.

The holidays are a wonderful time when we exchange gifts, and enjoy all kinds of new toys whether you are young or old. Take the time to fill out those product registration cards, if available, and take two minutes to sign up with the CPSC for product recalls. It could save a life!


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