Diabetic Foot Care

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Diabetes damages blood vessels in the feet. This problem often leads to infection if the feet are not noticed when injured. Much of the time injuries are not felt due to the damage of the nerve endings caused by diabetes. Most of the problems with your feet can be prevented if you follow good foot care.

* Look at your feet each day and also have your doctor examine your feet at your appointments.

* To prevent injuries to your feet make sure you have good fitting shoes and wear socks at all times.

* Be sure to check your shoes before wearing them for foreign objects and rough edges as this wil prevent accidents and falls.

* Make caring for your feet a part of your daily routine.

* Wash your feet with warm water, not hot water.

* Do not try to cut calluses off yourself, see your doctor for this problem. Cutting calluses off yourself can lead to infection.

* Even if you have a minor foot problem please see your doctor as soon as possible.

* Remember to keep toenails clean and trimmed. An in-grown nail can lead to a serious infection.

Below I have listed some symptoms of diabetic nerve pain in the feet. About half the people who have diabetes develop nerve damage. Diabetic nerve damage can lead to extremely serious health problems if not treated. When the nerve endings in your feet are damaged it is called Peripheral Neuropathy.

* Mild numbness

* Shooting pains

* Tingling

* Burning feet, worse at night

* Loss of sensation

* Prickling

* Muscle pain

* Trouble walking

* Pain, ulcers, or infection

* Sensitivity



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