Basic Suicide Prevention for Teens

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Life is a difficult experience. Perhaps the answer to Shakespeare’s question “To be or not to be?” should be directly “Not to be! Not to suffer, not to wait, not to feel, not to work, not to hope, not to pass through anything”…

There are a few good things in life, but the horrible ones are so many that they surpass the good ones, especially because they are not so good and even them are influenced a lot by the bad things of this world, which are so many.

What a deception!

Wish life was something better…

It seems to be so great when we are kids…

Well, in most cases, because there are many people in this world that feel life’s bitter taste from the beginning.

In most cases however, when we are kids we believe that here we can be happy and that everything is magical and wonderful. We don’t pay attention to the bad things.

There are many bad things in this world though, that keep existing and we have to accept them, because “there is no other way”.

Now, what do you think about that? “There is no other way…” Isn’t it deterministic?

Yes, this is the result of human conformism and laziness, and the result of the global indifference to human pain, because humans are wolves to their equals.

When we are kids, we believe that we shall love each other and be friendly.

When we grow up however, we realize that nobody loves anybody and that things on our planet are too hard for us, human beings, especially because the world we created is totally absurd.

Everyone cares only for their family, friends, relatives, dogs and red fishes. Nobody cares for their neighbour or for people that live far away. And many times, they don’t really care for anyone besides themselves…

When we don’t know this bitter truth, we imagine that human beings are “humans”. We think that they have feelings and they think logically.

However, as we become adults and we face the various problems of life alone, without the protection of our parents and without the general social protection we had before due to our age, we realise that most people are absurd and cruel.

We are treated like animals, ignored as if we were ghosts, humiliated like beggars, and constantly betrayed by everyone: our best friends, our closest relatives, the person we love, people we don’t know, and so on.

What a life!

We have to study, work, wait, go, wake, walk, talk, eat, drive, answer, repeat, bear, comprehend and many things more, while we only want to abandon everything and go nowhere, find nothing and simply rest…

Go to a place where time is not so stressful and life can be near nature…

Be only near our very best friends, doing only what we love to…

Near our perfect match… Happy without reason, smiling and laughing all the time…

However, reality is totally indifferent to our dreams.

If we only have problems with our parents, problems with our teachers, problems with our friends, problems with our girlfriend or boyfriend, problems and more problems without end, our life is unbearable and we cannot believe in something better.

And if these problems are too serious, then we have no disposition to continue…

But is everything really so completely lost? Are our fantasies so impossible to come true?

If you are a teen today, you are really the biggest victim of the inconsequent previous generations that destroyed our planet with their bombs and factories!

You are the biggest victim of the huge and quick development of our civilization, in a totally disorganized way.

You may be also a victim of uncaring parents, and of uncaring mentors.

Therefore, if you today feel that life is not worthwhile and that you shall not continue suffering in this hell, you are absolutely right.

You have to change this place and correct all the existing mistakes!

Life is a mystery, a gift, a trip, a unique opportunity of development and transformation.

Don’t throw it away only because the others before you, transformed Earth into a hell.

Save our depressed population with your art and your sensitivity!

Spread here the beauty and the happiness of your youth!

Teach your teachers with your wisdom, educate your parents with your seriousness, and save the planet with the goodness of your heart.

Be totally different from all the selfish and foolish previous generations that could not understand that without peace and without love, life has no meaning.

We need your example!


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