What is Textbroker? Get Paid to Write

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There are numerous sites that will pay users to write articles.  Many sites pay users based upon page views, advertising revenue, or using Google Adsense.  Textbroker is different from other paid to write sites in that Textbroker pays per word.  Textbroker is a marketplace for unique and exclusive written articles created to clients’ specifications. As an author you get paid to write articles that clients request.

Unlike other paid to write sites, Textbroker offers upfront payments for reviews on a per word basis based upon a rating scheme.  The rating scheme is determined by your skills as a writer.

When signing up for Textbroker you must submit a writing sample.  Editors that work for Textbroker will evaluate that writing sample and assign a rating.  Ratings range from 2 stars (legible) to 5 stars (professional).  During your membership with Textbroker, your rating is adjusted based upon the quality of the content you submit. The better your rating, the more you make per word.
The current rating scheme is as follows:
2 stars: $0.010 per word
3 stars: $0.014 per word
4 stars: $0.020 per word
5 stars: $0.067 per word

Clients request that authors with a certain rating level write articles within a certain word range on a specific topic.  You, therefore, know exactly how much you will make per article.

Unlike other paid to write sites, Textbroker does not pay for referrals or offer the opportunity for residual income.

You will not be paid by Textbroker until you submit an IRS form.  You can then request pay-off and be paid.

Happy writing!


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