Natural energy foods

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We all need natural energy boosters. Most of us are barely opening our eyes. We haven’t got the time to exericse at all. A quick fix is to get up and do some streching and yawnings. Drink some water or vegetables drink like v8 juice. If you have time, just walk around for 5 minutes and it should unwind you a little. How about closing your eyes to mediate for a couple of minutes and do some deep breathing. Try to release all of your stress while you’re at it. You’ll feel much better by the end of some of these little quick fix

Exercising and stretching is one of the biggest helper to boost your energy. When you walk around or stretch your ciculation will improve and your muscles will get a chance to stretch and relax allowing more blood to move in. If you’re tire just try moving around for awhile and you’ll feel better. You will also have an increase in oxygenation because exercising requires your blood chemistry to change and you will also breathe in more fresh oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.

You can try some food to boost your energy. Food that really helps you include long releasing complex carbohydrate like bagels and whole grain rice. You can try nuts and seeds because they have plenty of omegas 3 and 6 for blood circulation and fatty acids supply. Tomatoes are a good source of energy as well. Carrots are a good vitamins vegetables. Oranges has lots of vitamin C for good energy. If you’re grabbing some fruits or vegetables then you should be on your way for more energy.

You can also drink some fruits or vegetables juice like v8 juice, carrots juice, watermelon juice, orange juice, apple juice or combined vegetables juice. You can try a cup of green tea. A hot cup of green tea will sure give you some energy and wake you up. Green tea will gives you lots of antioxidant that will detoxify your system. The hotness in the tea will clear out your respiratory system and give you a better chance to breathe.

Aloa vera drink or ginseng drinks can also wake you up pretty fast because of their high content of vitamins. If you’re at lunch try eating a whole plate of salads and fish. Salads have so much vitamins that you can’t help but be all boost up. Fish also have high omega 3 content that can also boost your energy. Eat some nuts or seeds. Try almond nut, it contain omega 3 and 6 and will boost your energy.

You can try eating natural energy bar or drink some natural energy drinks. These work very well. You can try to take a multi-vitamin pills because these vitamins will boost your energy right away. If you’re tired then don’t eat a full meal either because it will make you more tire. You can try to eat superfoods that are high in nutrients to help your body get more energized. If you’re feeling tire, you can take a nap and you’ll recover very good because most people are over work and only get a little bit of sleep and therefore feel tire most of the time.


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