How the body get rid of fats

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Fats are store when we have plenty of sources to use for energy expenditures such as exercising, and doing daily activities. We burn energy every single day from the activity that we do. The more rigorous the activity the more energy we burn. We could be burning the fuel we just eat and it doesn’t mean that we are burning the fats store. We have to follow the law of thermodynamics where energy is neither created nor destroyed but just transferring from one source to another source or by conversion. When we eat (sugar, fats, carbohydrates) we will burn these and use for energy. If we have been sitting all day long then the amount of energy components of sugar, fats and carbohydrates will be left in reserves as glycogen and we will gain more weight and have more fat in reserves until we need to burn it more later. This is how the body gain weight or reserves energy for crisis. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you have to eat less and do more exercises so that you can burn the energy in reserves.

Fats will be metabolized or burn or get rid of once we don’t have anything else in the body to burn. Fat is the last source that the body will burn. What happens when fat is metabolized? Fat is converted to water and carbon dioxide and will be waste for the body to excrete. We will breathe out the co2 and excrete or use the water. This is why regular exercise is important so that we can get rid of old fat cells and flush out our system. This is why a desk job is not a good thing. We will gain weight quickly.

With that being said, we will get rid of fat if we workout and not sit around or eat too much. We should not eat above our level of physical activity. If you want to lose weight, just simply eat less and burn the excess fat in reserves. Just remember the equation has two equal sides and if you have more on one side then the other side has less. Meaning if you consume less, you will be able to burn the reserves glycogen or fat.

Fat then is burn by the body metabolizing it when there’s nothing else for the body to metabolize. Therefore if you don’t eat and diet then this time will allow the body to metabolize the fat stored away for energy. Just remember to exercise a lot if you did eat a lot. This is why some metabolism pills work because it works by metabolizing the body from excess fats. Metabolism will be faster if you workout on a regular basis. Metabolism will be slow if you don’t work out often. You can increase your metabolism by moving throughout the day.


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