Healthy Aspects of High Fats Foods

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The healthy aspects of high fat food will depends on what kinds of food we are talking about. If we are talking about high fats in animal meats and fried foods then no these fat are not healthy at all. They are very harmful to our cardiovascular system. High fat food such as fish, omega3, 6, flax seed oil, and nuts have the best effects on our health. As many research have concluded that omega fatty acids will do a miracle to our health. These essential fatty acids found in food and not inside of us will prevents many diseases, fight cancer, and gives us more cognitive power and increase our longevity.

The main fatty acid that we are looking at is omega 3 and 6. Omega3 and 6 can be found in fish, nuts, flax seed oil, and supplements. These fatty acids are essential to our health but our body does not produce them. We have to rely on external sources to get these fatty acids. We should take three pills of omega fatty acids every single day for better health. You can’t pass on the miracle of this drug. This has been the recent breakthrough in the world of supplements.

There is not one system in our body that can’t benefit from omega 3 and 6. We can start off with the known fact the high concentration of omega fatty acids fight cancer cells and subside cancer cells even in later stages. There have been many reports on this progress. It can also prevent the growth of cancer and tumors if we take it on a daily basis. Omega fatty acids can increase our sexual desires and stamina which most older people could use. Omega fatty acids improves our cognitive skills. It increases memory, association, and overall intelligence. It increases blood flow to our brain and increase our brain with more oxygen supply for a better function mind. Oxygen is carried in the blood cells to the brain. Omega fatty acids is great for individual suffering from health problems. It’s helps with supporting a stronger heart. It helps improve cardiovascular circulation and give the whole body more blood and oxygen supplies and get rid of major metabolic waste in the process.

Omegas 3 and 6 have been found to decrease depression in people. This is true with regarding to proof in Japan. Japan has the lowest depression rate and highest fish consumers. Eating fish or taking in omega fatty acid will improve your brain chemistry thus making you more happy then depress. We can’t lose taking this supplement.


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