Comparing plants and animal proteins

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Plants protein and animals protein are both able to provide the human being with our basic proteins need. Too much proteins can create disorder in the body. One of the distinction is that animal protein will have more protein concentration then plant protein. The ratios of amino acids are also higher. Proteins found in plants are at a lower level than animal proteins. You have to mix and match the plants protein to get what you need.

Let’s look at the food that contain animal proteins: meat, milk, milk products, egg, poultry, and fish. Plants proteins are legumes, soybean and soybean products, peas, beans and nuts. Animal protein has a higher fat content. If you eat a lot of animal proteins you can get a lot of diseases like high blood pressure and heart diseases. Plants protein does not have all the combinations of amino acids whereas animals protein have a complete source of protein. For example soy protein is deficient in methionine, an essential amino acid. Therefore , vegan have to combine several plants together to get the protein that they needed.

Plants proteins are incomplete protein and doesn’t have all the essential amino acids. However, plants protein content is low in fat especially saturated fats. Animal protein can make you very sick because of the high fat content and the chemical nature of the animal protein. Diseases you can get from eating animal proteins are blood cholesterol, ldl cholesterol, obesity, risks of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Plants protein won’t make you as sick because of it low fat content. It’s low in saturated fat.

Animal proteins contain more acidity than plants protein. Animal protein is also harder for the human to digest than plant protein. Plant proteins have phytochemical that can battle diseases whereas animal proteins doesn’t have those ability. Plants proteins are also easier to digest. Animal proteins have too much fats content that is not good for your health. The toxin in animal protein is very high due to the animal struggling during their time of killing that it remains in meat and you will eat those toxin. The animal hormones will also not be completely killed and you will carry an animal vibration within you.

You can get all of your proteins need from vegetables without the need of animal protein because they both provide you with the same amount of protein. Let’s take for example, 2oz of nuts and 2oz of fish, they both contain 14grams of protein. You would rather choose to eat 2oz of nuts because it’s less fattening than 2oz of animal meat.


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