Crazy Things Seen on Google Street View

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Dueling knights? Now this goes beyond normal lawn ornamentation. This is just plain strange. I think the guy on the left could really use a shield. Any generous drive by souls have a trash can lid? 

What happened next? I am not sure I want to know. Clearly that is just for hunting. Anyone who wants to kill thirty deer at a time would need a gun just like that. 

Speaking of deer, did the google car just kill a deer? Or was it just me? Get up Bambi, get up! Horrifying really. 

Busted… Good thing this man didn’t turn around, or he would have been engraved in internet history walking into an adult book store in broad day light while the google car drove by. 

What?! Is that a man? Stop google and help the poor guy out! Nope… we have a job to do to serve humanity, we have to catalog this street by sundown. Forget the knocked out guy hanging out in the road, keep driving. Or maybe this is just google’s way of pranking all of us. The guy riding shotgun jumped out, ran ahead and played dead on the curb. Everyone wants to have their own day of fame. So here’s to you Google maps shotgun seat man. You got your day of fame, and now for the next decade we can all see you on the corner of 6th and Stratton. 

Have you seen worse? Feel free to leave a comment to tell us about the craziest thing you have seen on Google maps street view. 

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