Unique Baby Shower Gifts for New Moms

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A baby shower is the perfect way for moms to get gifts that will assist them for the first few weeks after the birth of the baby. Most moms will receive standard gifts like clothes for the baby and the new mom, feeding and changing equipment and articles for the nursery. While these are great to have new moms would love to get unique gifts that would help them out after the baby arrives.

A maid service

 With the new baby in the house no one has time to clean or cook. This is terrible as the child needs to be in a sanitized environment and the mother as well as the rest of the members in the household need to eat. A maid service for a few weeks will be a blessing. If gifting your girlfriend a maid is out of your budget then you can volunteer to cook or do the laundry for a few weeks.

 A day at the spa

 Gift the new mom at day at the spa so that she can pamper herself after the stress that her body has gone through. Any women would love this; even the ones that haven’t gone through child birth in the recent past. You could also volunteer to take care of the baby for a few hours while the new mom gets pampered.


 All new mothers need new wardrobes. Your girlfriend is not going to fit into her old clothes immediately and this could be a reason to be distressed and unhappy. No new mom must feel negative about herself and giving her a gift certificate from her favorite store will help to cheer her up. She will be able to buy new outfits that will suit her new shape and role. Now that a great gift.

 Gym membership

 If your friend is a health and figure conscious person then you could gift her a few months membership at the local gym. This will help her to get into shape after the baby arrives.

 So you see a baby shower is not just to gift things to the baby. You must go ahead and cheer up the mom as well.


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