Speech Features Using Windows XP

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If you want to use this feature Voice Recognition Speech or owned by Windows XP, so you can easily follow the steps below. But as said in the article “Communicating with Technology”, this feature still has some shortcomings. And can not be used for working writing in Indonesian language.

The main equipment is a computer with Windows XP operating system. Then the no less important is the audio component of the sound card, microphone, and speakers. For this feature, a microphone and speakers should be used is not too large, more precisely in the form of a headset only. Because with such a microphone would be located closer to your lips when talking later. In addition, by using the headset close to your ear any sound from the speakers can be more easily understood.

This feature is located in the Speech menu in Control Panel. Therefore, you must first ahulu into the Control Panel and then double-click the Speech icon. On the first page that will appear is a page speech recognition. On this page, you can directly press the Train Profile and train existing profile in the profile list in the box profile recognition. You can train your computer as often as desired. More and more computer training, the better.

By pressing the Settings button, you can adjust the sensitivity of hearing your computer and how the expected response. At the top, you can determine how to respond to the computer what you say. If low (Low), then the computer will do whatever you say, despite the order was valid or not. If the high (High), so not all commands will be done, only really understand just what to do.

When pressing the Audio Input, then you can set a lot of things to do with a microphone or other audio inputs are used. You can also set the properties of each audio input that you select. If using a standard device used by your computer select Use preferred audio input device. But if you have other options select Use this audio input device and select the device from the list. If you want to set the size of the sound press the Volume.

By pressing the Configure button from the page microphone speech recognition, you can adjust the microphone configuration used. Starting from adjusting the sound to the volume. Use a good microphone for voice sounded more clean and can be easily understood computers. And avoid being in a crowded room, because the sound that comes into the microphone will disturb the quality of your own voice.

How to activate the feature after the regulated and trained. Namely by simply pressing the Language icon on your desktop taskbar. Then select the Show the language bar. After that, press the button microphone. Or directly hit an existing microphone icon on the Language Bar. Select Voice Command (with a picture of a blank) if the will give the order. Or select Dictation (with a picture of the content) if you want to do typing, dictating manner. When you are finished press the back microphone icon, then the sound on your microphone is no longer calculated by the computer.


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