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For those of you who want to know how to work faster computers and faster processing of a job I hope this tutorial below can help you optimize your computer longer owned. But for the less understood before doing this trick in the first please read the explanation of the functions of the service that we will stop at the computer.

Please note: if we stop is an important service might work computer unstable so please read carefully the … and to enter into service pages please click button on your computer start —-> run —-> type “services.msc” well on this page if you want to turn off the service that you think are not useful in accordance with the following explanation on the service the right-click and select Properties on the Startup type select disabel then click Apply and then click OK. After all have finished, please restart your computer and feel the speed difference …… …… good luck with your friend

Here understanding Sevices in the computer:

Computer Browser
This module to monitor a list of computers that are connected into the network Network. Computer Browser module can be turned off when you use the home computer without connecting to the network / LAN.

Distributed Link Tracking Client
This module function to monitor the relationship between NTFS files within the computer itself or the network with jaringn domain name. The function of this module is only needed if someone needs a link to another computer on a file. Not everyone needs the links to and from your computer to a file and you can turn off (Disable).

Error Reporting Service
Function Error Reporting Service module is to provide a report when Windows XP disrupted. This function is not useful and can be at Disable.

Help and Support
Getting support files by pressing F1 to activate. Are you quite often do and read the help files from Windows?, Turn off this feature.

Indexing Service
Indexes contents and properties of files on local and remote computers aims to accelerate access to files with antiran a flexible way. Service is not required.

Net Logon
Supports pass-through authentication of account logon events for computers in a domain. If you are connected to the network and a domain. This feature is necessary, but if you only use the computer alone and do not own the domain. This feature can be turned off.

NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
This feature is to provide access to your computer via Netmeeting through the Intranet network. If you are not willing to give access to others, especially by way of the Remote into your computer. We recommend that this feature is turned off.

Network Location Awareness (NLA)
This module to record and store a list of network configuration and location information. This function does not help, and can be turned off.

Network Provisioning Service
Manages XML configuration files on a domain basis for automatic network provisioning. Not needed for home computers and network systems simple. This feature can be turned off.

Performance Logs and Alerts
Feature module to record the performance of computer and other activities are recorded in a file (log files). You do not need to bother with the performance of your Windows system, turn off because it was not much use for stand-alone.

Portable Media Serial Number Service
Retrieves the serial number of any portable media player connected to this computer. The function of this module is not useful and only intended for Windows Media based / compatible ( “PlaysForSure”) portable. MP3 users do not need this feature and should be turned off.

Delivery network provides the control signal and the local traffic. The function module with the concept of providing greater bandwidth for the application needs. In fact this function is not too much impact. Options can be turned off or remain in use.

Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
Manages and controls Remote Assistance. Its function is unknown to what, Remote Assistance can be accepted. Or not required and can be turned off.

Remote Registry
To authorize the remote user to modify the registry on a computer. Better off.

Security Center
Monitors system security settings and configurations. “Displays Pop Up when the firewall is down, Anti-virus has been out o date or update the Windows system deliberately turned off.
If you always monitor the 3 functions above, this feature can dimatikan.Karena functions of the Security center not only monitor and better prevent and control directly from your security program.

Support file server such as printers, files to share or a share in the network. Needed can be no, if you do not share between computers within the network. This feature can be turned off.

Smart Card
Manages access to smart cards read by this computer. You use the Smart Card in your computer. If not better off.

SSDP Discovery Service
Enables discovery of UPnP devices on your home network. “Windows will monitor the system hardware is Plug and Play. This function can be turned off when you no longer add another device or hardware that you use is permanent. But if you are using a lot of hardware this feature should remain enabled.

System Restore Service
Performs system restore functions. Windows can restore your Windows system restore to make backups when the set point is. By enabling system restore would be easier restore Windows in case of malfunction and crash as well as Windows XP to restore your backup time.
There are opinions, restore the system remains activated due to more quickly restore Windows systems such as the last point set. Unfortunately, these systems take on storage space. Profits, you can quickly restore your WinXP system problematic
The choice is between your needs whether using system restore to restore Windows to the determination of set points that you do. Or turn off (disable) but with the risk, if the crash occurs in Windows you must repeat the install again. Benefits, you get a bigger storage space.

TCP / IP NetBIOS Helper
Provides user experience theme management support for NetBIOS over TCP / IP (NetBT) service and NetBIOS name resolution. Turn off if you do not need NetBIOS for network.

Provides user experience theme management. For performance reasons, such as the display interface Win2000. This feature can be run through the Desktop Properties. So there’s no reason this module loaded. You can disable this feature.

Uninterruptible Power Supply
Manages an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) connected to the computer. It is obvious function when you are using UPS requires this functionality, this feature specifically only to the UPS connected to the computer through the COM port. If not, can be deadly.

Wireless Zero Configuration
Provides automatic function for Wireless network adapter. If you do not have a WiFi device can be turned off.

WMI Performance Adapter
Provides performance library information from WMI providers HiPerf. It is unclear to what, and can be turned off.

Creates and maintains client network connections to remote servers. If you are using file sharing within the network, leave this function still work. If you do not use the sharing feature and your stand alone computer / stand alone. This feature can be turned off and not affect the internet connection.


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