Cloning Windows

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Operating system (OS) is not vulnerable from outside attack in the form of malicious viruses. Kalo is badly damaged we usually reinstall. Well now there is the fastest way to reinstall, namely cloning. With this, time is usually 1 hour or more we can shorten a 10 minutes.

On the internet you can find tools to backup the operating system and the most famous is Norton Ghost. These applications are able to make clones with appropriate operating system, but unfortunately only available version of the paid. But, there is also that you can use freely and with the view that not ribet.

XXClone is a free application that can duplicate the volume of the Windows system and make the target volume self-bootable quickly and easily. Applications already support the format the partition FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS on Microsoft Windows NT4, 2000 and XP and supports internal storage with IDE interface, SATA, and SCSI, and external as well as USB, Firewire and others.

These basic features shared by all versions of XXClone:

1. Make a clone of the volume of the system self-bootable
2. Make a full backup of the non-system volume
3. Restore / improve the ability of the operating system boot
4. Creating QDB (Quick Boot Diskette)
5. Creating a batch file to repeat the operation
6. Can display an alternative as a differentiator wallpaper
7. Can be set to automatically perform shutdown after a task is completed
8. You can set the usage of the CPU in performing certain tasks
9. Can save the log and debug files
10. May add an option in the boot menu as an experiment
11. Can duplicate the Volume ID
12. Can be run via command line (batch file)
13. Can run in minimized mode / hidden
14. Terliaht provides clear buttons to devices DiskMgmt

Compared with other similar applications, XXClone very easy to use and suitable for beginners or already an expert. While most applications only provide a kind of DOS. This application is available in a free and paid versions, if you use the free version it will show several options inactive backup settings (writing gray). The bottom line in this free version you can not do regular backups. Each time you backup the operating system, then the new backups will be made in full and does not overwrite previous backup files.

Any risk arising from the experiment is your own fault and beyond our responsibility.


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