Darksiders boss walkthrough, guide 8- Uriel

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While she isn’t a real boss in every sense of the word, Uriel pops up a couple of times in Darksiders as an important fight. This guide should you to beat her on both occasions.

First of all, Uriel can take quite a bit of punishment before she keels over. Especially when you encounter her for the second time, so don’t worry if your attacks don’t seem to be harming her.

Unlike any other boss in Darksiders, Uriel has no weak spot or tick you need to execute to beat her- you need to face Uriel like you would any other enemy, using the same tactics and skills. There’s no trick here, you just need to be able to fight well- but there are a few pointers I can give you to make boss battles against Uriel a little easier.

First of all, be prepared for quick time events. In the second battle, Uriel will often try to ram War, you can avoid this by pressing the grab button at the prompt, and instead inflict some damage on Uriel! Secondly, dodge left and right as Uriel has very few attacks that hit from the sides.

When Uriel jumps up unto the air, move away quickly as this means she is about to trigger a large AoE which can cause some serious harm if you get caught near the centre. This is  very sudden jump into the air, you don’t need to worry if she just takes off, this is not an attack signal.

Uriel does have one weakness that you can exploit- if you can use the uppercut attacks on her (Either back and attack while using targeting, or hold attack) then she should be stunned when knocked into the air. If you then repeat the attack when she hits the ground you might be able to keep this boss stunned for some time while you rack up damage.

Uriel has projectile attacks , so don’t let your guard down even when you’ve put some distance between the two of you. One of her attacks is to rain swords down on you (Appears in her second boss encounter)- these predict where you will be, so you need to keep evading them- not just moving in a straight line. Dropping lock on can help as it gives you a wider field of view to see where you are going.

I’ve never had much like in using the counter attack on Uriel. It sometimes works in other boss battles, but I don’t think it works here. Some people have said otherwise though, so if you’re good at the counter attack, you might want to try that.

That’s pretty much all I can offer in terms of help. I know it’s not much of a guide, but like I said, there’s no pattern, no weak spots and no solid way to win- you just need good general skills picked up from playing Darksiders. Good luck!

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