Downside to international adoption

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Many people nowadays are considering international adoption because they think it’s cheaper and easier. They also like the thought of bringing a kid from a foreign country because it’s more of a fantasy, like a gift or a souvenir from another country. Meg Ryan and Angelina Jolie have adopted kids from other country. The dollars is worth more in other country so yes, it’s cheaper in another country. The downside could be a time constrain and too much time and money will be use to travel back and forth for many processes unless you have a secretary or you don’t need to work sometimes like Angelina Jolie.

One of the downside to international adoption is that the child doesn’t speak your language. You have to teach them English if they’ve already speak a native language. You don’t have to worry about this part if the child is a newborn since you’ll be able to teach the child of the new language. You will need to take a lot of time going back and forth between the two country in order to complete all of the adoption process. Unless, you don’t have to work, it’ll be very difficult for you to do this. If you do work, how will you ever be able to fly back and forth to make all of these arrangement and beside not considering how much it will cost you to fly back and forth.

Children in other country may have poor health and may even have a medical illness. You will learn of that when you adopt the child. Most kids from a foreign country do not receive any good prenatal care at all. I know so because I was born in a foreign country and I was born at home and my mother almost die because I was born at home and there were no professional doctor around to take care of that process. This was why my mother almost die because of all the things that was left inside of her stomach because she didn’t have a clue and someone that was helping her my birth didn’t have a clue either.

Most foreigners are living in poverty. They don’t have jobs or they can only make around $50 a month. The mother will usually be in very poor health and have a communicable disease at the time of childbirth. Most women that have a disease in foreign country don’t know about it because of no health care or prenatal care. They are also not required to get treated by the state. In some country it’s normal for a TB person to walk around town and cough all day long. The state doesn’t intervene. In America you can’t do that. America has the best health care everywhere else.

People adopt so that they can save a life not because they are looking for a perfect, healthy baby who can make them a fortune, therefore, some of the medical issues should not be a big problem for some people. I know doctors that adopt terminally ill children so that they can take care of them and to make them better, not to try to make a fortune out of them. Some people adopt because they merely want to save a life or they just want some companion but the imperfect child needs you more than a perfect child. A perfect child can take care of themselves when they turn 18 years of age. An imperfect child will always need some extra help.

It could be a dread to go through the red tape part of adopting someone from a foreign country. You have to wait a long time and you have to do a lot of paper work. When you bring them back to the country you have to do a lot of paperwork too. It’s a long and dreadful process. If you’re wealthy like Angelina Jolie then I guess you don’t have to worry about all of these things.


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