Adopting grandparents

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I’m lucky to still have one of my grandparent left on this Earth and that’s my grandmother but she is in another country and very far from America. I can only visit her once in awhile and make phone calls and send gifts but that’s about it. I truly love the idea of a grandparent because they are like a goddess to me since they are so much older than you and they show you so much love that they are a treat like a box of chocolate. I did have one male grandparent and he passed away recently. He loved me and family a lot, when I was a kid he use to take corn from his house and bring it to our house even though he bike about three hours to our house because back in the day, we only have bicycle and we lived in a rural area. This really showed me that he really loved us. Oh boy! All of my other aunts and uncle use to bike several hours to drive corn and fish to my home too.

Grandparents bring a lot of joy into your life. A lot of the elderly are suffering from loneliness and poverty. You can do a lot to help them out. When you adopt a grandparent you will also save their life. You can be there when they’re lonely or need your financial assistance. Some elderly don’t drive and you can help out with driving them around and taking them to their favorite places.

I have an adopted grandmother and she benefits me a lot even though I was only planning to be friends with her. It turn out that she is a very intelligent individual who owned a lot of businesses before. She taught a lot of good things that I need to know in order to succeed in life and in business. I met her at work one day. I had a business next to her and we accidentally started talking. I don’t know if it’s an accident or just fate. We become inseparable after that. She was like my best friend. She taught me everything I know. We share a lot of trips together. We laugh together. We have so much in common. I was never able to express myself to anybody else like the way I’m around her. She was the kind of intellectuals as I am. I was glad that I met her. She was like my best friend even though she was 80 years old and I’m 27 years old. We go everywhere together. I was not able to achieve this kind of meaningful relationship with people at my age. She had helped me out more than I have helped her out. Even though I felt sorry for the fact that she’s old and she lives with her friends and that she doesn’t have kids in the US to take care of her. Despite all this she was moving around better than everyone else. Therefore you’ll never know what an adopted grandparent can bring to you. You should adopt a grandparent because they will save your life and you can save their’s.


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