Make Money Online Free By Sharing Recipes and Articles

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For those who can write up short blogs, articles or recipes, sharing any knowledge in their area of expertise, can in fact earn them an extra income online. Just like with any business, it takes some time and effort before individuals may see a true passive income. However; over time, individuals can sit back and enjoy watching their income roll in while doing little to nothing at all.

First off, an individual must choose one or more online companies to invest their time in writing content for. Most writing companies offering those ways to make money online will give their writers a shared portion of revenue based on ad clicks and page views. Therefore it’s best to do a certain amount of research  before writing each article. This research should include the following steps:

1.) Choosing a fresh topic that may be helpful to viewers for years to come.

2.) Choosing high paying keywords and key phrases by using a program such as; Google adwords

3.) Choosing words that have a low advertising competition.

4.) Using sub titles and tags that will increase the keyword volume, without not overdoing it. Example: for 400 words, use no more than 12 keywords and key phrases.

5.) Linking articles together in order to increase page views.

Once individual use the proper steps to create fresh content that will generate relevant ads, they should start seeing a steady month income over time. The more content written and the more popular the information is, the better chance individuals will have at making money online, earning the best passive income possible.


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