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Adopting is always beneficial for the parents and for the adopted siblings. If you adopt all of the sibling in one, there’s nothing better than that for them. Family are no good if they have to grow up apart. A family needs each other, they should not be apart unless they have to be apart. I have grew up for sometimes apart from my siblings and I thought that it was painful.  If you’re able to put the siblings together then you should always try to do that but I think it’s a long and costly process.

You will make the siblings very happy if they get to grow up together. It will be very beneficial for them in every single way. They will be more stable in emotions, love, growing up, having a biological family, less loneliness, less isolation, self-esteems, drives, goals, well beings, and many more. There is not one bad thing that I can think of when it comes to adopting siblings. I know that it’s a hard and long process and you also have to be approved and what if they don’t approve you. You won’t be able to keep the siblings together but you should try to keep in contact with the other siblings so that when they grow up they can connect with each other. There’s nothing more valuable then having their biological family so that they feel like they have no one in this world. There’s nothing that can replace the feelings of a biological family. It’s real and all the feelings are genuine. It’ll be the greatest gift that you can give to the child.

You will also enjoy seeing siblings being happy together. You don’t have to worry so much that your adopted child is lonely and feels weird that he or she doesn’t have a family. You can count on it as one of the best decision you’ll ever make. The child will grow up better in terms of connecting himself to the siblings and to the world. The world won’t be as cruel anymore.


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