Committing to the Words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Committing to the Words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

By Dennis S. Murray Sr.

The History has been told in our community and the nation on the day that celebrates a man that changed the nations thinking about humanity and equality. We are humbly thankful. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday is not celebrated because it’s just his birthday, its about a man being honest to his people to create a better life for those before us like his father Dr. Martin Luther King Sr. did before him. Everyday we should care about the ones before and behind us so that the torch is carried properly to our youth. Our days on this earth are number, however with grace and mercy we honor this day for humanity and justice. The people of Haiti deserve our compassion and we should be passionate of the people like Dr. King and others before him. If we don’t deliver on the promise and justice to bring our people together, we should go back to the drawing board to honor the solitude, delete discrimination, and dismay of a people. The words that anger the people of Haiti during their destruction of their homes, land, body and spirit are not the words that Dr. King would have praised from the body of our nation. He would have embrace everyone in pray to understand what God’s will is and our we prevail to uplift the people of Haiti.   

Dr. King was restless in 1961 when death treats hit his door but he wasn’t unrivaled, but now in 2010 we haven’t challenged the death treat of poverty as a nation in a world with expanded homelessness “including Veterans”, people mandated in poverty, family and child without health care, disparity and greed in a nation that should be for all the people not for a few. He would challenge the Wall Street and corporate bailouts for greedy Billionaires that don’t care about anyone except him or herself and make them accountable to the world where we live as people. Not just for the 10% of the nation richest people and Congress ruling on issues with bribes for votes to fill their pockets and their egos. He would also say why should an earthquake disaster have to happen to help the people of Haiti and other poverty ridden nations, when these and other nations of people have been suffering in slums, hunger, improper housing, health care issues, environmental disorders, and more for 100 plus years.  We continue to honor Dr. King’s work 42 years later in 2010 but we still miss his message of unity and love, so eloquently said by Dr. Cornell West during his a MLK celebration January 18, 2010 at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

We stood up and pledge on January 13, 2010 millions of dollars to a country that is of African descendants. People, which built this nation and made Billionaires that sit in the very places where sweat and tears dropped on the White House where our African American, President Obama reside. As well as former Southern plantations (Hilton Head, SC and  Biltmore, NC where the historical President and statesman have visited and these place continue to make money but do nothing in the community to stop oppression in the  underserved communities. Why are we only acting now to help when poverty is running ramped in the nation of Dr. Kings vision?

Atlanta, Georgia home of this iconic and honest man that represented the world  for peace not just the Southern regions, he expand the world with knowledge and grace and treated the people of the world with his smile from his upper lip with explosive words and gentle thoughts.  From Johannesburg, South Africa; Lookout Mountain, in Stone Mountain, Georgia; to the Statue of Liberty, New York City we stand as a people not divided as some might want be, dividing-a nation of people was not Dr. king’s mission or vision. The Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Fallwell, Democratic, and Republicans, are equally the reason why the world continues to be divided. These entireties want to keep us divided and that’s why our nation is having a hard time becoming one with a people instead of a collaboration of love like the Gambling State University drumline. Faith and mankind is what Dr. King ruled as he planted the seeds in each and everyone of us to spread earthly love like the trees and the plants that grow in our National Forest and Parks.   

We are still fighting the demons from one another and not enjoying the words and works of this great man Dr. king, especially on this day of January 15th 2010 that should reminds us of honor and peace. We should connect the dots and take a moment to rejoice the words of “Free at Last, thank God we are free at last” but are we free or are we still dangling from the trees of despair that took so many lives during slavery, civil rights moment, and beyond.  Are we respecting the love for one another by stopping the hate and discrimination among each other. Honesty this was Dr. King’s passion to act, but are we accountable for our commitment to the world of the people.

We should all be at the center of Dr. King’s dream now, to be tied together with human rights and economic justice that govern us in 2010 with the faith of one another to increase the hope of our youth and change the dangers of there communities. We should allow communities to grow abundantly with the resources and materials where our minorities live instead of keeping them in poverty, like Curtis Mayfield say “Keep On Pushing” with just a little bit of hope” to live up to the dream of Dr. kings message for equality and justice.  The King movements needs to continue to move in places to serve the underserved and socially disadvantage communities  with hope that President Obama understands the growth of the people and not eliminated the poor from the grapes of the earth.             


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