Some Differences Between Children from Small Families and Children from Big Families

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Every family is either small or large!  Families are made up of many different personality differences, so differentiating too much between children from small families and children from large families can be a little tricky.  There are benefits that come to children from small families and large families and both groups of children also have their negatives.  This list is not even close to a complete list, but does indicate some measurable differences associated with both groups.

1)  Children from small families learn to be creative!  Many times, if a child is with less people, that child will have to think about things that they can do to occupy time.  Children from large families can sometimes depend on their sibling’s ideas to occupy the time.  An only child for example, will have a very creative mind and that can be both good and bad, but they have to be creative or they will live a very boring life.

2)  Children from large families tend to feel unnoticed!  Sometimes when there are fifty people at a Christmas dinner amongst family, a child can feel like he/she is not important because there are so many people.  However, children from small families tend to feel very important because they receive a lot of attention.

3)  Children from small families tend to have their wrongs noticed more!  Since there are not a lot of people in the house, the wrongs are more easily seen as opposed to children from large families where they can sometimes avoid being seen due to the number of people always around and they have more of a chance to sneak around.

4)  Children from large families tend to share more!  Unless the parents are very rich, children from large families need to share to cut costs.  Children from small families can sometimes get away with keeping things to themselves because there are not many children to share with.  Only children tend to have for only them so it limits their opportunity to share.

These comparisons could be labeled as stereotypes, and of course, these comparisons are not always true.  Sometimes, things are the opposite, but as a general observation, and through some experience, these are noticeable and measurable differences between children from small families and children from large families.


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