American Idol Auditions – Are They Done Yet?

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Last week’s American Idol auditions proved one thing; the South can sing!

I find it annoying to watch the interviews American Idol conducts with contestants who sing worse than I do. How many talented singers lost the chance to audition because they let a 63-year-old man entertain the world with a song about pulling up your pants?

The guy with multiple personality voices sounded better in the elevator on the way back down after his audition for the judges. It is little things like that which make me wonder if the producers hire these people to pretend to be bad singers.

At least there were several good auditions last week, and despite what Simon keeps saying about American Idol being a singing competition, I still believe people judge them on their personality. I side with those with a good background story. That is why I have picked one of my favorites already.

Jermaine Sellers not only had the best voice last night, he also had the best story. A story about a young man taking care of his sick mother is a heart-warming story. Add that to his wonderful voice, and I think he may just have a chance at the title this season.

I also liked Vanessa, the girl from Tennessee, who bought her dress for $4.50. I think if she loses her nervousness, she will stand out in this competition. To realize a dream that would bring her out of the poverty she currently lives in would be worth months of madness that American Idol brings to millions of households each year.

Normally, I despise the contestants who come dressed up in costumes, but I have to hand it to Holly, the girl dressed up as a guitar. She reminded me of Kelly Pickler, who also had a decent voice with a country ‘twang’. I am surprised they let her through given how Simon feels about contestants who wear silly outfits to the auditions.

I also liked Keia, Tisha, Noel, Mallorie, and Miriam. Keia reminded me of a young Diana Ross and I do not say this lightly, because I believe Ms. Ross had the voice of an angel. The auditions in Atlanta are always the best for me. They had a few crazies but I found it entertaining to watch Mary J. Blige crack up to the point where she almost lost control of herself. That was funny.

The banter between the judges is somewhat dull for me this season with Paula Abdul gone. I also do not appreciate the obnoxious comments Kara makes about contestants, based on how they look or what sort of background they came from. I do not believe she would like people to base her singing talent on the annoying lisp she has. Sometimes it sounds like she is doing it deliberately.

I have decided to root for Jermaine and probably Keia and I hope they wind up in the top ten. I wish the auditions would end, but I am not looking forward to the regular shows with Ellen DeGeneres as a judge. She will bring humor to the show, and will probably not say anything critical of the performances, but I think it will drag out the judges’ part of the show, and will not help the contestants.

American Idol ranked #1 in the ratings last week, as it always does. American Idol addicts will tune in no matter what happens. Families will argue, marriages may even break up, and chaos will ensue as the finale gets closer, but that is all part of the fun of being hooked on this show. I should know, because watching iit is a guilty pleasure for me.

There is nothing else like American Idol and I even think the show will survive if Simon Cowell does indeed leave next year. Whom would they pick to replace him? We will just have to wait and see.


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