Tips For Gettg Rental Car Discounts

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Renting cars is something that may not be the most fun thing to do, but can sometimes be a necessary evil.  The case may also be that vacation time is here and a car rental is part of that vacation.  Whatever the case may be, saving money is always beneficial and this article may help you to do just that.

1)  Rent online and avoid airport rentals if possible!  Usually, airport rental cars are more expensive and renting online is cheaper, so if it is the goal to get a rental car discount, go on the Internet.  Usually, through much surfing on the web, a good discount will come up!  Spending fifteen minutes and comparing prices on the web will save money almost every time guaranteed.

2)  Rent from the same company when the need arises to rent a car!  Renting from the same company and getting to know the manager creates a relationship of trust.  Most rental car company managers will give a faithful customer a good price just because they only go to that company and the company doesn’t want to lose their business.  A rental car discount often is the first price quoted from a manager to a faithful customer who makes one rental car company their home each time they use a rental car.  Usually it is the manager that can give the discount so you want to make sure you meet the manager and make sure they know you are a faithful customer.

3)  Ask for a better price!  Usually, the price originally quoted can be reduced somewhat or an upgraded car can be given for that price.  For example, if a customer wants a mid sized car and the price quoted is $49.99, usually if you ask or haggle a little, either you can get a full sized car for that price or the mid sized car for $10.00 less.  Asking never hurts and letting them know you can go elsewhere may cause them to give a little discount on the price.  The manager is the one to ask as he has the say in the matter.  Rental car discounts can often be had just simply by asking.

Rental car discounts are out there and often, paying full price is considered foolish when the discounts are there to be taken advantage of.


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