Avatar’s Black Spot:"black Lung" Rating for Promoting Smoking

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Since Avatar’s box office movie was released few weeks ago, it has received many reviews and ratings; however, Avatar was rated by SceneSmoking.org. as “black lung” for promoting smoking along with the review which can be read at SceneSmoking.org.

In James Cameron’s Avatar movie, Dr. Grace Augustine, played by Sigourney Weaver has become a controversial character who is seen to be an influential role model for teenagers. Dr. Grace Augustine was a tough-talking, swear-like-a-sailor scientist, who was clearly seen chewing up Marlboros. She was seen smoking on-screen after coming out of her mind transporting machine. I was pissed off to see how Dr. Grace Augustine behaved rude in several scenes, besides showing how she didn’t care much about her human body, reflecting a negative impact to the real community in our world today.

It was really a JOKE to see scenes in which an ENVIRONMENTAL scientist, Dr. Grace Augustine, craving lovingly on a cigarette while working to save the Pandora planet in the 22nd century. Having caught up with these controversial scenes, director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at the University of California, San Francisco, Stanton A. Glantz said, “This is like someone just put a bunch of plutonium in the water supply.” He insisted that his Smoke Free Movies initiative would soon come out swinging with an informational campaign aimed especially to oppose pro-smoking messages in Avatar.

As an environmentalist, I view smoking as a filthy habit. Therefore, I won’t support any role-model characters that smoke in the movies. In regards to smoking in movies, the Centers for Disease Control have outlined tobacco as a causal factor in teens smoking initiation. In most cases, smoking in movies has a very powerful influential effect among teens more so than advertising, regardless of whether their parents smoke or not. Often, teens from non-smoker families have four times the chance to initiate to smoke after being exposed to characters who smoked in the movies. This is particularly significant from the main characters in Twilight, who were seen smoking in several scenes which have initiated the desire for teens to smoke as they think smoking would probably make them look COOLER or MORE ACCEPTED by their peers.  

The portrayal of characters in movies whether as to be sexy, rebellious, fun, powerful or wealthy can indirectly deliver a message to encourage people to smoke, particularly the use of tobacco among teens. The extensive use of tobacco in movies suggesting that smoking is a social norm, and thus when more young people see the characters smoking on-screen, the more likely they are to smoke in life.

Since Avatar movie is the hit 3D science fiction fantasy movie, more young people will watch this movie every day, making it the most influential platform to encourage many teens to smoke. When more big stars smoke on-screen, they’ve glamorized the children for the use of tobacco, but undermine the message about the damage either from smoking or from breathing in second-hand smoke.

Besides Avatar, Sony Pictures “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”, the Weinstein Company’s “Nine”, Warner Brothers’ “Sherlock Holmes” and “The Blind Side”, were similarly awarded with “Black Lung” ratings for promoting tobacco use, according to the Times, even though they carried a rating of PG-13 or PG from the film industry’s Classification and Rating Administration.

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