Adopting children into a big family

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The thought of some more children into a large family is a straining one with the crisis that we have in America today. America is facing so many crisis and the economy is continuing downhill. A family must be very financially secure to adopt more children. This could be the case of some elite members in our society. For example Angelina Jolie who worth more than 4 billion dollars have adopt more than two kids. In this case she can because she has so much money and the children would be lucky to be in her family. Adopting children into a large family is a good idea if the family is financially well to do. Adopting children into a large family is not a good idea if parents are making medium income because they will experience a lot of stress and time constrains.

America is facing overpopulation issues. Statistics and reports have shown that we are overpopulated and don’t have the resources for human kind. One of those scarce resource is not having cheap oil to make gasoline and that’s why gasoline is very expensive nowadays. The US is owing China billions in dollars. The US economy is going down with many financial crisis and state deficit. We are suffering in many ways and therefore the average family that is not well to do won’t have a lot of resources for the child either. However, if the family is first rated family then they should adopt as much children as they can because it’s a blessing to rescue orphans.

If a family that is not well to do will suffer from many issues when adopting more children such as budgeting, time, love, attention, resources and space. If a family has more than a million dollars then I don’t think they will have a problem in any way and they should be encourage to rescue as much people as possible. For example, Angelina Jolie has more than 10 homes all over the world. She would buy millions dollars of art and throw it away. She has billions of dollars and therefore she should rescue as much children as she wants to. For an average person like me, I can’t even afford to pay all of my bills, therefore I would not be encourage to adopt anyone.

I don’t think that there are people out there who would try to adopt if they are not well to do. If people are complaining every single day about the stress and their hard work then why would they adopt another kid. Therefore I think that we don’t have problems with not so well to do family adopting more. Anybody with their right mind would not jump into that quick sand if they know it’s quick sand. Therefore we don’t have to worry so much. By the way, just because you want to adopt, it doesn’t mean that the board will approve your adoption applications if you don’t have the resources for the child. Therefore, I made my point in that we don’t have to worry about children suffering because adopting is a very scrutinized process.


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