Coping with having your adopted child being adopted

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It’s at the most difficult to see that your foster child is being adopted by someone else. You should feel lucky that this is not your biological kids or else you would be crying and contesting for the rest of your life. I have read a story in the news before where a family gave their child to adoption because they are financially deprived and then one day they want the child back but the foster parents refused. They fought for a long time in court and the biological parents won but it took them a lot of tears and time to win their child back. I guess we can see that no parents can give up their loved child that easily as in this case even the foster parents were having difficulty with giving up the foster child. It’s a long painful and grieving process but all must be done. We have to learn to let go and move on to our next interest. Maybe we can adopt a dog to replace the lonely feelings of a missing baby.

I know exactly how it feels like to lose something you love to someone else. I use to have a Chihuahua dog and because of moving and other circumstances that I have to give away the love of my life to someone else. I was very fortunate that the family that took in my dog love him as much as I loved him. This is good news for me because I can’t stand the thought of my dog being unhappy or torture or abandon. Therefore you should also have a peace of mind when your child is passed on to a good family. At least you know you can ask for visitation and you can bring gifts and still hang out with your foster child once in a while. I know this is a good idea for visitation. I did visit my dog and it makes me feel better to see my dog being hapy and well care for by my neighbor. I was lucky that my neighbor took over my dog and she’s near my home for visitation. What you can do to help yourself is to ask for the phone number or email of the adopted family so that you can drop by once in awhile and say hi to your kid or bring them clothings and gifts. Doing these things will help you feel so much about yourself. The child doesn’t have to be completely out of your life. You can still keep in contact with the child and when they’re older they will still be your child.

It’s not easy to let go of something that you love. This is the case with everything but at one point we have to let the child move on to the things that they need to. Have you thought of adopting a dog or another child to feel up that empty nest. You can keep busy by adopting a dog and saving their lives. You can foster another child. There are so many kids that need a foster home. What you do for these kids is priceless. You can can make a big difference in their lives. You can still try to keep in touch with your foster child if you miss them. Your foster child would feel appreciative if you try to keep in touch with them.


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