How To Prevent Dry Elbows During Winter

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Many people experience dry elbows during the colder months of the year. When the skin on this area becomes dry it leads to peeling skin and the elbows turn rough and discolored. When you notice this you must be aware that it is a sign of lack of moisture on the skin and the only way to get rid of this is to increase the moisture content. Fortunately there are several ways to do this.

 One of the simplest ways to soften dry elbows is to use a loofah on the area and get exfoliate the dry skin. Wet a loofah and then massage your elbows for a few minutes. Massing the area with the loofah in circular movements has dual benefits. Firstly it will help to get rid of the dead skin cells on the elbows and secondly it will increase the blood circulation in the area and prevent the skin from getting dehydrated. After you have massaged the elbows wipe it with a clean soft towel in order to get rid of the excess water. Use a moisturizing cream (not lotion) on the area and cover it with socks or mittens. If possible leave the cream on your elbows overnight so that your skin is able to absorb all the nutrients from the skin. In order to soften the skin on your elbows and to get rid of the dark patches and discoloration you will need to continue this routine for 10 to 15 days.

 If you are a person that likes to experiment with home remedies then there are several remedies for you to choose from. Start with applying mashed papaya on your elbows. The fruit is high in water content; this helps to get rid of the dried skin. The enzymes present in the fruit also help to get rid of discoloration on your skin. Pureed apricots are beneficial to your skin too. Mix honey, lemon and milk in the puree and apply the paste on your skin and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash it off with warm water; your skin will feel softer and well moisturized.


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