How to Drive Traffic on Youtube

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Youtube is a video sharing site where we can upload videos and get millions to watch them online. Due to this, lots of webmasters around the world have used Youtube as a platform to promote their videos as well as their websites online. But before we all can get lots of visitors to watch our video online, we will need to compete with thousands of other video producers from around the world on youtube in order to get the audiences that we need to watch our video online. After some trial and error, I have developed a set of method which result in a steady flow of daily traffic to watch my videos online and I would like to share with you all as below:

The Seven Strategies to Drive Traffic to Our Video:

  1. The most important method to drive traffic to our video is to use the right keywords in our video’s title, description and tags. Always use those keywords that are related to the hottest video on youtube because this will help our video to appear on the site panel of that hottest video and thus helps us to drive lots of traffic to our own online video. Beside that, use those keywords with high SE’s search volume will also help our video to stay on top of the Google’s SERP and thus drive in more traffic to watch our online video.
  2. Place our video under the correct video category will make it easier for people to find it. Entertainment, Comedy, Sports and News are those categories which are really hot nowadays, if you make those kind of video then you will surely get lots of audiences to watch it.
  3. Join a group on Youtube and post your video on that group will also help you to get extra visitors to watch your video.
  4. Insert a link of your video in Facebook and Twitter to invite your friends and followers to watch your video on youtube is another way to drive traffic to your online video.
  5. Create an exciting thumbnail for your video to attract audiences is a must if you want more viewers to watch your video online.
  6. The video length is another factor which you need to consider before you make your video. The standard video length should be around three minutes because not many viewers are willing to watch the video which is longer than three minutes.
  7. The best time to upload your video will be around 11.00am on Wednesday and Thursday. I always get lots of viewers to watch my video on these two days. Don’t upload your video during the weekend because nobody will be there to watch it.

Use this 7 strategies and produce great video using high quality camcorder will ensure you a rapid increase of video traffic to your online video and thus helps you to promote your video to millions of viewers from around the world.


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