Adopting children from other culture

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I have seen a lot of mixed race adoption over the year. We see a lot of that in Hollywood with regarding to mixed race adoption. Angelina Jolie adopted an Asian boy, and an African-American child where she and Brad Pitt are Caucasians. It seems that they really loved all those children but it’s easier for Angelina Jolie because she has more than 3 billion dollars. I think for a regular family, they would have a harder time managing the mixed race child if they also have other children that are from a different race in the house. This is not always is the case because most people have a very open heart and racism doesn’t occur at all. I have one friend who was Chinese and was adopted by a Caucasian women. My friend says that she had a wonderful experience growing up and she had no problem at all. Racism doesn’t always happened.

If a couple have decided to adopt than it’s proof that they have tremendous interests in children and the love and commitment to take care of the child. Therefore we won’t have to worry about the children suffering from emotional issues that much. The adoption process is very long and costly with so much scrutiny that if a person was granted a child, I don’t think they would take that child in vein. I have a strong believe that adopted parents are great parents because I have over the years how foster parents or adopted parents treated their children with so much love and respect. Meg Ryan is a celebrity and she adopted a Chinese girl. Meg Ryan has expressed to the media how much of a great bond she has between the girl. She seems to love the girl very well and always carrying the girl in her arms. I haven’t witnessed or heard any unethical stories about adopted parents being racist again their children.

I have had street parents before where they like to look at me as their child. My parents were Caucasians and I’m not. They were from Italy. They were wealthy films executive. They showed me a lot of love and respect. I was very honor to have someone very famous pay attention to me. I have never doubted their love and I feel that most other adopted parents do the same way.

I use to work in a hospital before and I’ve seen a lot of adoption took place. Adoption were from the doctors to their terminally ill patients. It was the best thing to see that out of their busy schedules they would bring the baby home who needs a lot of medical attention and took care of them. A lot of those adoption were mixed racial. It was very sad one time when one of the baby they adopted ended up dying. She was terminally ill anyway and she could not survive. I have heard a lot of wonderful and miraculous stories about mixed race adoption but I haven’t experienced or heard of any bad one. I don’t think it’s a major concern for most people.


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