Gifted Human Brains

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First of, This may describe you or it may not. If not just enjoy reading anyway.

Intuition is no ”Phychic” Ability or maybe it is.

But not this sort of Phycic Ability

And then a object starts floating.

No, its more like a Hunch or a Gut Feeling.

Here is an example,

Have you ever been able to:
– Know what someone is feeling
– Know why they are feeling it
– If someone is lying
– Why they are lying
– Whether they have a good intent or bad.
– Pick up the tinyest facial expressions
– Know what people think of you
– be aware of what people think of you
– let people see or hear what they want to see of hear

Basically, there are alot of things this “Intuition” can give you.

If I had to explain all the things you can use intuition for in one word It would have to be.


Can you read someone.

All this can be good, aslong as you harness it and don’t let your readings interfeer to much.

If you succumb to this gift, it can become a curse.
You may become depressed or become Isolated from people.

Most likley because you are to caught up in trying to read people to see what they see in you, you want your image to be perfect.
You will almost never be certain about anything just incase you are wrong and don’t want to be.

Usually you can harness this ability by reading yourself.

Once you read yourself, you have nothing to hide from yourself.
You can even use these abilitys to your advantage.

immediate apprehension by the mind without reasoning.

This is one of the meanings of intuition.

Basically, You will be able to figgure out things that someone may be trying to hide or you just figure out something without actually being told directly.

Everyone can do this but to a certain extent, for some it is really clear or intune.

If you have seen the movie Sherlock Holmes, you will know what I meen.

If you are interested in Mind Abilitys that are not fake.

Try looking up, Empath’s

If this Artical relates to you, you may be a late Bloomer Empath.

I will not explain Empaths, but they have more than intuition.
Something inside of their minds lets them Feel others emotions even if it is hidden.

Thank you for reading, if you even did.


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