Is Society Addicted To Cell Phones?

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Is society addicted to cell phones or are they an integral part of keeping in touch with friends and loved ones?  As well as beaconlocaters to find children, the infirm or the elderly,  cell phones are being used by many businesses to keep track of employees, and by law enforcement to build cases and find suspects.  Law and order could not function the way it does now without smart phones, and lawyers would be absolutely lost without theirs.

Teenagers, on the other hand, would fall into comatose-like stupors without their text and video messaging cell or smart phones, but thier parents would be smiling from ear to ear.Is society addicted to cell phones, are cell phone companies addicted to the revenue stream that cell phones has provided, or is society simply still addicted to technology, and isacquiring the newest and coolest gadgets to hit the markets the moment that they hit the shelves the addiction?  Line-ups around many blocks, starting days before some gadgets or gadget-related gear go on sale are the standard now and not the exception, making the argument for societal addiction to cell phones.  However, it is not just the cell and smart phones that people and technophiles go gaga over, any technological improvements, advancements, or breakthroughs are equally desired, no matter what the gear is.

The portions of society that have access to cell phones, and have a good employment rate, decent salaries and live in a connected and wired locale will, of course, buy more new gadgets as they hit the shelves.  People with lower incomes, who live in the technologically-crazed nations, will normally wait two to three years after new technology hits the shelves, in order to get theirnewfound gadgets at extremely discounted prices from when they hit the shelves.

Being able to afford the new gadgets as they hit the shelves, or waiting in line for days to be amongst the first to try out the new cell phones and smart phones the moment they come on-line fuels the need for keeping up with the times.  When all of your friends have the newest and greatest cell phones, you try to keep up, or go one step better and get an even better cell phone, in order to have the bragging rights amongst those friends.  This would most definitely define an addiction to cell phones, but more for the prestige than the actual use.

When someone can not enter a place of business because they would have to turn their cell phones off, they are addicted to cell phones.  When someone checks their cell phone as the last thing they do before going to bed, and the first thing they do when waking up, they are addicted to cell phones, and when someone can not do without their cell phone for more than an hour or so, they are addicted to cell phones.  However, when they need to buy a new cell phone to keep up with the best, then they are addicted to technology.

Addictions are all alike, they make people spend more than they can afford, just so that they can get their next fix, be that fix a food, drink, drug or gadget.  Many people who are addicted to cell phones are also addicted to what cell phones bring;  the new applications (apps) for smart phones,texting friends and visiting social networking sites.  You can see the blue screens of cell phones in every movie theater, mall and place of business, even at rock concerts, where the lights used to be from cigarette lighters.

Yes, society is addicted to cell phones, and is now becoming addicted to smart phones and the amazingly brilliant apps that they use.  Considering that over 20% of these people can not afford the plans that they sign up for, that they do without food on the table to pay for their cell phone service plans is a major concern.

However, don’t expect the government to step in and start controlling the cell phone industry over addictions, because the revenue stream from taxes and other fees that are generated is far too much for them to give up, just like cigarettes.

Remember, if you check your cell phone last thing at night and first thing in the morning, and can not go anywhere without it, and leave it on no matter where you are, movie theaters, hospitals, etc., then you are addicted to cell phones and your service provider thanks you very much.


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