The New HTC Hero.

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The HTC Hero is a new style of smart phone that is made to be personalized to the extent that no two Hero smart phones will be the same.  Using HTC Sense, a new organizing and gathering platform, the Hero allows you to make four different phones out of one with the HTC Hero.  You can have one Hero Sense personalization for work, one for play, one for the weekends, and the original HTC Hero, which is already loaded and ready to go out of the box.

The HTC Sense is new for the Hero, and allows total personalization like it’s never even been fathomed before, and that includes the Hero’s incredible class mates, the Droid and the Nexus One.  The HTC Hero offers a platform application that allows the user to change their phone’s style for different aspects of their lives.  One home screen and the apps that are loaded to it would be for work, one for weekends, where no work related emails or texts are received, a fun screen, where only hobby-related, sports, movies and movie theater locations and movie times, plays and their locations, whatever you like to do.  And then there is the Hero’s home page, as loaded in the box, with the most popular apps to that point loaded and ready to go.

In order to call a friend using keypad dialing on the Hero, simply type the first two or three letters of the person’s name, and a list of all people with those letters are shown.  Tap the name and you are connected.  But the most beneficial and new home app that HTC Sense brings to the Hero is Styles, and the sizing of all pages to the display screen.  Web pages, pictures, files, etc., are all sized so that you do not have to scroll sideways to see the whole page;  you get the whole page on your screen, and you can zoom in or out as you please, with the page reformatting to fit the screen each time.  Yet, as far as the revolutionary new advances found on the HTC Hero, personalization is just the beginning.

The HTC Hero is the first smart phone to make full use of Flash Player from Adobe, as well as the Android 2.1 platform and the Google network of apps and related gear all combined under one umbrella.  The Hero has TFT touchscreen capacity, meaning you can touch the screen with one finger to swirl the picture, map or document sideways, while zooming in or out with another finger, or swirling the picture, map or whatever document is shown on another axis.

One of the more popular new features of the HTC Hero is that when you call up a person in your contacts list, or receive a call from one of them, all of their information becomes instantly available, from Facebook to Flickr, Twitter to MySpace, and/or any social networking sites that they belong to, and any mentions of them on the web or newspapers.  It is all displayed for your instant perusal.

With new and exciting features being too many to mention, one problem with the HTC Hero is that it may take too long to figure out exactly all that it is capable of.  You need to learn how to best program the handset and the four styles to your best use, due to the sheer number of new, old and constantly added and improved apps.  With thousands of apps already in the Google Apps Store, or recently changed to the Google Android Market, to more readily identify with the free apps that third-party programmers make for the handsets for free.

And, of course,  when the question is asked, “When you turn on your smart phone, does it return the favor?”, you finally get to answer “Yes!”.

Shop smart.  Shop informed.


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