The importance of medical record for an adopted child

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The importance of a medical history of adopted children are very vital of course. The adopted children need to bring along with them their complete medical history so that the parent can have a record for the school they will attend and to take care of their medical history. There is no reason why the adopted child shouldn’t have the medical record.

If you think of anything that is of importance then it should be their medical record. Any of their history record is useful for the adopted family. How can they go without the record. Children that are under 18 years of age need to have their shot records all the time for the school just in case something happen the school knows what to do. Any history of medical record need to be keep at school just in case the student is sick in school, the teacher will know what to do.

If the child is allergic to certain things, it needed to be reveal in the record and therefore everyone need to know about it. What if the child is sick and has an allergic reaction to some drug but the nurse or doctor doesn’t know then how can they treat the child effectively. The first thing that any health care professional would need to know is the things that the patient is allergic to and the medical history so that they can predict future causes. It’s one of the most important record for a child to keep. If the child doesn’t have a record, then they may be required by the school or their private doctor or insurance company to create another one which may requires money, time and some shots that are not necessary.

If the child is in need of continuous medical therapy then it’s best that the adopted parents or health care providers know about the required treatment. If the child has a disease that can be easily be transmitted than everyone also need to know such as TB or hepatitis c. In this case the people around the child can institute measures to protect themselves and the child. Most child don’t have a serious illness though. It’s also required by the CDC that some of the illness be reported and treated immediately if serious.

Medical record is imperative for the well treatment of the adopted child. The child need to start a new record if they don’t have a good one already. The child need to be treated if they have any communicable disease. You will also need to provide the child of vaccines that they don’t already have. You will need to take care of the children because they can’t help themselves.


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